About Me - liliandroid

Liliandroid is a mobile app development team specializing in Android applications. Our passion lies in creating innovative and user-friendly apps that enhance people's lives. While we're currently not actively developing new apps due to time constraints, we're eager to dive back into the exciting world of mobile app development.

Our Current Apps

  • ScrapHelper: A handy app designed for scrapbooking enthusiasts. It simplifies unit conversions from inches to centimeters, making your creative projects a breeze.
  • Inventory Photos Plus: Streamlines inventory management by allowing you to create detailed inventories with accompanying photos. Keep track of your items effortlessly.
  • BuckApp: The official application for Buck Fernandez. Stay connected with Buck's latest updates, content, and exclusive features.
  • DinoTools App: Calling all ARK Survival Evolved players! DinoTools App provides essential in-game tools and utilities to enhance your gaming experience.
  • DinoTools Maps: Explore the ARK world like never before with DinoTools Maps. Create a comprehensive registry of the game's best points and locations.

Get in Touch

While our current apps are not available on the market, we're excited about future projects. Feel free to connect with us, and stay tuned for updates!